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...Mayra completed some training with Bow Waves in Summer 2015. She is currently seeking career opportunities in the super yacht industry and will be blogging her experiences throughout. Keep an eye out for updates over the coming months...

Next stop... New York!

Post 3/October 2015

Mid-January I got offered my first permanent job. On a 72ft Sailing boat. In a way it was such a relief to finally have a secure job! My position is Deck/Stew, the others on board are a Captain/engineer and a chef, so its only 3 of us. It's been 3 months already since i have stepped on board. I really love it! There's good and bad things about it but in general I'm very happy, and lucky to have been recommended by a previous boat. In the past 3 months on-board, we have had 2 boss trips and a couple of charters taking us to St Barths, Anguilla, Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada....sailed up to Puerto Rico, did the US virgin islands, and at the end we decided to do a 'crew holiday' in the British Virgin islands to celebrate a great season of back to back charters.

Even though I did stay on the boat while visiting all these islands, I did get to see a lot of nice bays and now and then the guests took us out for dinner. In between charters we had days off in St Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Puerto Rico and US virgin islands. It was difficult relaxing on my days off knowing there's a whole new island to explore! Dominica I found very interesting, we visited some nice waterfalls and hot springs. In Grenada I went hiking and the scenery was amazing.. I met lovely people along the way and also plan to visit them in the summer when we head up north to the US. Our crew also took part in the 'Super yacht Challenge' in Antigua. We raced on a sailing boat called 'Gloria' , its a beautiful classic schooner with a great crew.

We were in Antigua for about a week ''getting some varnish done'' All in all, i've very happy with my job and I think I will stick with it for the year. Next month we are sailing to New York and plan to stay there until November, in other words..when it gets cold again. Then back to the Caribbean ! Its been a busy few months to say the least..

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    ...Mayra completed some training with Bow Waves in Summer 2015. She is currently seeking career...

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