ISA Day Skipper

ISA Day Skipper Yacht Sailing Training CourseAfter completing the day skipper theory course you will put into practice all that you have learned in the classroom when each person is given the opportunity to navigate and take control of the yacht on short coastal passages. Your instructor is there to ensure that your first, perhaps hesitant steps as skipper are taken in safety. You will be given the opportunity to practice your boat handling in a variety of mooring situations, and whilst at sea your instructor will cover subjects such as watch keeping, deck work, sail trim and how to cope in emergency situations.

  • Course Type: Practical
  • Required Experience: Basic sailing ability
  • Assumed Knowledge: Navigation to Day Skipper shore based theory course
  • Course Content: A skipper is totally responsible for the management of a yacht, so the course also includes meteorology, basic engine checks, passage planning, preparing the yacht for sea, and rules of the road. Night sailing is also undertaken to give you a taste of pilotage in the dark.
  • Ability After Course: Able to undertake short coastal passages by day, in both tidal and non-tidal waters. Successful completion of this course means that you can charter one of our yachts.
  • Minimum Duration: 5 Days continuous or 3 week ends