ISA Powerboat Level 1

ISA Powerboat course level 1, ISA Introduction to PowerboatingISA Introduction to Powerboating (Level 1)The aim of this course is to provide a brief taste of powerboating for beginners. The one day practical course will include some basic boat handling techniques and a little of the essential background knowledge required to safety operate a powerboat. It is recommended that all participants go on to consolidate this short introduction with the two day course ISA Powerboat Level 2 leading to the award of the ISA National Powerboat Certificate.

  • Course Type: Theory & Practical
  • Required Experience: Under Irish law it is illegal for anyone under sixteen to operate a powerboat that is capable of 17 knots or more
  • Assumed Knowledge:
  • Course Content: Launching and preparing the boat, basic boat handling and returning to shore. Background theory.
  • Ability After Course: basic boat handling techniques and a knowledge of how to safety operate a powerboat
  • Duration: One Great Day