RYA Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Course

RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency CourseThis is a one day course giving the basics in driving and using a Jetski, personal watercraft responsibly. This training is essential for newcomers to Jetskis to give them the confidence and the understanding of the marine environment, the hazards, knowledge and considerations that need to be taken. Awareness of other water users and the laws that are in place. The next step after this course is to take a basic navigation course.

RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course

  • Course Type: Practical
  • Required Experience: None
  • Assumed Knowledge: None. Min age 16
  • Course Content: Launching, handling and recovery skills. Passage planning and decision making.
  • Ability After Course: Self sufficient in good conditions. Aware of limitations of self and vessel.
  • Minimum Duration: One Day