ISA Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased

ISA Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased

The ISA Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased course develops the recreational sailor’s ability to skipper a sailing or motor yacht on coastal and offshore passages during daylight and at night. Shorebased course certificates are course attendance certificates and can only be awarded following successful course completion. Shorebased course completion certificates cannot, therefore, be issued solely on the basis of assessments completed without course attendance.


The Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased course certificates are not prerequisites for the ISA Yachtmaster Coastal Shorebased or ISA Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased certificate examinations; candidates for either of these exams are, however, strongly recommended to undertake the relevant shore-based course or courses.

  • Course Type: Theory
  • Required Experience:
  • Assumed Knowledge:
  • Course Content:
  • Ability After Course:
  • Minimum Duration: 45 hours contact time
  • Cost: On enquiry
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